23. 05. 2022.

Real-time data integration – tips & tricks

Although it is difficult to come across a project that doesn’t includes real-time data integration as one of its main requirements, in a real life many companies are struggling to reach that goal even though they are using the “best possible tools” on the market. Complexities imposed by many different architecture styles (client-server, SOA, Microservice […]

10. 05. 2022.

Real-time complex data analytics and machine learning by using Apache Spark and StreamSets Transformer

If you are interested in DataOps and modern Big Data and AI/ML technologies, you might want to come and visit interesting lecture on JavaCro22 conference on Monday, 16th May 2022 at 10:50. More details you can find on the conference link: https://2022spring.javacro.hr/eng/Program/Real-time-complex-data-analytics-and-machine-learning-by-using-Apache-Spark-and-StreamSets-Transformer

25. 09. 2021.

Membership of the StreamSets Product Advisory Council

In august, I became a member of the StreamSets Product Advisory Council. The Product Advisory Council is an influential group of StreamSets users who provide vital feedback to StreamSets, guiding the future of data through their insights and creating a community of intelligent, passionate data professionals.   More about StreamSets you can find on their […]

03. 06. 2021.

.debug conference – Troubleshooting data issues in distributed systems with PrestoSQL query engine

After the 2020 break due to COVID, .debug – the largest developers conference in SI Europe will be held from 10th – 11th June in a hybrid form: live for a limited number of developers (again due to the COVID), and online.   This time I’d like to invite you on my session entitled – […]

10. 02. 2021.

Best IT conferences in January/February you shouldn’t miss

From numerous of IT conferences since the beginning of the year, three of them excel with its quality and content.   On January 26th – 27th I’ve participated on Worldwide Software Architecture Summit and it was a big surprise, since the content of the conference has exceeded my expectations in many ways. If you missed […]

07. 02. 2021.

HiPEAC conference and HiPEAC vision biennial document

HiPEAC, European High Performance Computing Society, an elite network of 800+ PhD students and scientists from R&D departments from the global most advanced technology companies, run it’s first virtual conference with almost 900 participants.   You can find the full agenda with topics covered on the following page: https://www.hipeac.net/2021/budapest/#/program/   Apart from that, HiPEAC has […]

17. 04. 2020.

New subscribe option added

Since many of 10k+ readers of this blog have requested it, today a new Subscribe option has been added. If you subscribe, you will be notified when a new article is published. Subscribe button is available on each Blog or News page as well as under the Contact and About pages. Enjoy in reading.

02. 03. 2020.

Javantura v7 – impressions after the conference

I’m glad that I saw more than expected number of developers who wanted to find out how to boost Java apps up to the 10000 times by visiting my session named “Performance Tuning by using Java Stored procedures”.   You can take a look at the atmosphere in and around the conference on the following […]

06. 02. 2020.

Performance Tuning by using Java Stored procedures

At the Javantura v7 conference that will be held on February 22 in Zagreb, Croatia, I’ll have a presentation called “Performance Tuning by using Java Stored procedures” Java stored procedures is one of the least known and explored fields within the Java ecosystem that may, if used properly, bring incredible performance boost and new functionality […]

20. 11. 2019.

.debug – Designing Cloud based solutions for global enterprises

The conference named  “.debug” is the largest developers conference in SI Europe. The conference will take place from the twelfth to the thirteenth of December 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia. Pay a special attention and reserve your seat for a session named – “Designing Cloud based solutions for global enterprises” which will take place on Friday, […]