The Performatune is a consultancy company established to support customers in building efficient large systems based on Oracle and open source technology.

The name Performatune has been carefully chosen, as it describes the main area of our consultancy expertise: Performance Tuning.

The company provides consultancy services in the following areas:

Oracle Retail Performance Tuning

Twelve wears of work experience and numerous solved problems, especially from the Oracle Retail Price Management (RPM), Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS), Oracle Retail Sales Audit (ReSA), Retail Integration Bus (RIB) and Oracle Retail Batch Chain Optimization, we provide services that enable you to profit the most from your investment in Oracle Retail in terms of licenses needed while achieving the users satisfaction.

Performance Troubleshooting

In complex IT systems, when the performance bottleneck problem shows up, It is crucial, instead of guessing and thinking, to know exactly where the real problem is and how to fix it.

With more then twenty years experience in performance troubleshooting on the largest projects in Europe, using various methods, we are experts in correctly identifying bottlenecks and providing solutions to fix it in optimum time.

Performance Tuning

This is the main area of the Performatune expertise.

With more then twenty years of performance tuning on the largest projects in Europe, we’ll help you get efficient systems, with minimum investment, i.e. number of licenses and resources needed.

System and software architecture

By covering many areas of Oracle and Open Source technology, we provide consultancy how to built robust and scalable IT infrastucture system.

Design & Development

If you are developing mission critical system based on Oracle and open source technoogies, we can help in the following areas:

  • Planning and Installation of the Oracle SW
  • Database Design
  • SQL development
  • PL/SQL Development
  • Security and Auditing
  • building Backup strategy
  • disaster recovery planning
  • building HA System (RAC, RAC One Node, Data Guard, WebLogic Domains clustering)
  • remote DBA support for maintaining your system
  • pre-production performance testing

Existing production systems maintenence

On existing systems we provide support in the following areas:

  • remote DBA support
  • performance troubleshooting and tuning
  • monitoring the production system
  • Patching and Upgrading
  • migration of existing systems on a new platform

Our Expertise

Oracle Retail Suite (RPM – Retail Price Management, RMS – Retail Merchandise System, ReSA – Retail Sales Audit, ReIM – Retail Invoice Matching, RIB – Retail Integration Bus)

Oracle Database

Oracle GRID & RAC

Oracle WebLogic

Oracle Service Bus (OSB)

Oracle Internet Directory (LDAP)

IBM AIX and RedHat/Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL)

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