I would like to invite you on .debug, the largest developer conference in SI Europe.

The conference will take place from the twelfth to the thirteenth of December 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Pay a special attention and reserve your seat for a session named – “Designing Cloud based solutions for global enterprises” which will take place on Friday, December 13th from 15 – 15:30.


Session summary:

Very often, when invited to evaluate a Cloud based SW solution created by a small vendors/startup, I find innovative ideas, modern architecture style, competitive price and overall an excellent quality of a product, but a solution as a whole still cannot pass the tender.


For that reason, I can see a great interest in startup community for a topic that answers the most important question:

How to create Cloud based apps that can fulfill all important requirements and become acceptable even for the largest enterprises?


Due to the heavy investment in marketing and a lot of lobbyists, it is also very difficult to get objective information about important criteria and ask the right questions when designing or reviewing a Cloud based solutions.


That motivates me to share part of my experiences of working with Fortune 100 enterprises with those interested in the topic.


In case you already know how to produce high quality code, you might also be interested to learn what criteria global enterprises are using when developing and/or selecting Cloud based solution, that you, as a developer might overlook.


Equipped with that knowledge, I hope your small Startup will have a better chances to beat even the largest global SW vendors.


More about .debug conference you can find on the following link:



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