21. 10. 2019.

Performing stress test against Oracle database that is running in a Cloud

Today majority of enterprises are moving or at least considering moving some load into the Cloud. What you need to be aware in such case, system requirements for a Cloud load are quite different when comparing with on-premises, mainly due to many new moving parts that are not present within classical environment such as sharing […]

09. 04. 2018.

Resource Manager ā€“ internal plan

In this article Iā€™m going to disclose Oracle Resource Manager Internal plan and how it can influence on database performances. Many of Oracle DBA are convinced that Resource Manager is not active, and that RM has to be enabled to be active. To confirm that theory, DBA can execute the following statement: select name, display_value, […]

14. 10. 2017.

Working Effectively With Support on Oracle Retail Performance – Documentation Issue

Title of this article is from the Oracle Metalink note (Doc ID 444822.1) that describes how to collect performance related data when opening a new SR for Oracle Retail Performance issue. Inside that note you can find the following: For additional help in enabling tracing for Oracle Retail Java-based applications, please see Document 568004.1 – […]

09. 07. 2017.

RPM performance issue in push_back_error_rows procedure of rpm_future_retail_sql during the CC (conflict check)

After quite a while I was requested to solve an RPM performance issue. While executing conflict check procedure in rpm_future_retail package, duration of one SQL inside the procedure push_back_error_rows takes 36 times longer than average. Here is the SQL text responsible for performance degradation, that I want to expose to be sure it’s not a […]

19. 11. 2015.


In scope of resolving aborted batch, support ask me to take a look at the following code that has to be executed to resolve the issue: update price_hist ph1 set ph1.ACTION_DATE=ph1.ACTION_DATE-1 where ph1.tran_type = 0 and ph1.action_date >= to_date('10.11.2014','dd.mm.yyyy') and exists (select 1 from price_hist ph2 where ph2.item = ph1.item and ph2.loc = ph1.loc and […]

18. 07. 2015.

Oracle Retail Batches performance tuning – Location Move Schedule batch

As described in the operations guide, location moves allow you to move location from one zone into the different zone. This is one of the most complex batches in Oracle Retail Suite. The batch is running in two phases. First it is needed to run Location Move Schedule batch, and after that the main Location […]

15. 07. 2015.

Oracle Retail Batches performance tuning – Reclassification

I’ve been asked to help resolving performance issue with reclassification batch, as important business process was unable to finish within reasonable time frame. A few facts about reclassification batch (RECLSDLY): As described in Operations Guide (13.2.x), item reclassification is the process through which an item or item list is moved from one department/class/subclass to another. […]