09. 10. 2017.

ORA 7445 error and plsql_optimize_level

This is the typical example when compiler during the compilation of the source code, can introduce bugs, as Oracle has to re-arrange the code and make many modifications (optimizations like inline expansion etc.) of the code to achieve better performance. With higher level of optimization, compiler modifications will make will be more intrusive. The same […]

10. 10. 2016.

Compound triggers performance and use cases

Let’s assume you have to track changes in stage table (in this case tstage table) and insert all inserted rows in trigger_test table. Once of your logical choices is to create a trigger (there are a couple of other options related to AQ/streams). Before 11g version, you can create before/after row trigger (where later is […]

25. 02. 2016.

PL/SQL vs Java for Data intensive tasks

This is the second part of my previous article, where I’ve compared PL/SQL with Java on CPU intensive tasks. I’ll use simple task of inserting values into the table with LOB columns, calculating the length of LOB, trim the LOB and re-calculate the length again. Although not realistic, test case is good enough to show […]

09. 02. 2016.

PL/SQL vs Java vs C vs Python for CPU intensive tasks – architectural decision

Main goal of this article is to show performance comparison mainly between PL/SQL and Java (running inside and outside of the Oracle Db), with included C and Python code just to be able to compare results. This may hopefully help you to decide where you are going to put Java CPU intensive code when you’ll […]